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As far back as I can remember, we had big, fluffy four legged friends in the house. My Dad was especially fond of rottweilers and huskies, so as you can imagine, they were bigger than me! Though, I was never intimidated; growing up with both dogs and cats of all breeds, sizes, and temperaments taught me great patience, compassion, and love for animals. It wasn't until the past year that I truly realized how much I wanted to spend my time devoted to their care, rescue, and overall well being. In short, that's the story of how Canines + Felines North Carolina came to be. 

But, the journey doesn't stop there. I'm an active volunteer of the Wake County Animal Center with more than 140 hours experience in walking dogs of all shapes, ages, sizes, manners and temperaments. In June 2018, I was asked to become a Board Member with the Friends Of Wake County Animal Center, the non profit that aligns with the Center to fund many life saving, helpful programs. And last, but not least, I founded a passion project, Convos For Canines, a podcast aimed at giving a voice to canines in need around the world. The end goal is to help and save as many canines as possible.

In regard to my education in all things dog, I have taken professional seminars in dog body language, reactive dog behavior, and most recently, begun a course in dog training to further my education in dog psychology and behavior. It is one of my personal passions to continue to self study to learn as much about dogs and cats as possible.

All in all, when working with Canines + Felines North Carolina, your pet will be in the most trusting, loving hands possible.